288 Pages
24 x 31 cm
ISBN 978-94-91525-73-5
NUR 440
Publication date: Unknown


Venusian Kitchen,
The beauty and connecting power of food
_Henriëtte Tomassen & _Elsbeth Tijssen



This culinary photo book brings the beauty and bounding power of food in word and image. It contains rich still life, portraits of beautiful women and quiet scenes where food has a leading character or sometimes a supporting character. The book contains recipes for a fulfilling basic life, a well-stocked soup, stews, savoury pies and potatoes in all kind of qualities and flavours. Complemented by poems and kitchen stories.

“There was a nice moment, in the autumn of 2013, when our daughters helped their grandmother to strip the borlotti beans. Sitting at her terrace in front of the house in Samandag, Turkey. Just after the abundant breakfast. The children grew up in Amsterdam and saw their nana and dada occasionally. Stripping the huge heap with beans is just a small and precious fragment, precisely because it was like every ordinary day, but with a natural intimacy. It’s all about the open connection, the fun and the solidarity.”

At night we ate Nana’s barbonia, together with the whole family. Delicious! When we find fresh borlotti beans in Amsterdam, we feel on top of the world. The recipe is in this book, together with numerous recipes from people with whom we share our love for good food. Venusian Kitchen gives you just that extra shine in your daily life.


Henriëtte Tomassen (writer and stylist) and Elsbeth Tijssen (photographer), share a vision of the connecting character of food, with themselves, with each other and with our planet. They want to revalue our food, show the beauty of what is given to us and inspire others to prepare and share daily food with more pleasure.

Illustrations: Marenthe Otten en Cécile Vrinten
Paintings: Marleen Maria




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