Toch komt een keer de tocht (One day the draught will come)


Sander Hagelaar en Danika van Kaathoven

Ontwerp: Sander Hagelaar en Danika van Kaathoven
Paperback / Zwitsers gebonden


84 pagina’s / 16,5 x 24,5 cm

ISBN: 978-94-91525-97-1 / NUR 640


‘Toch komt de tocht' is a collection of poems and collages about unique encounters and happy coincidences. It is an intuitive and visual search for the basis of our feelings about 'us', 'you' and 'me'. In this vulnerable project, word and image support each other. Words build on images and images build on words. This interplay makes the volume lively, volatile and playful.

Who are we? We are a happy coincidence

Sander Hagelaar and Danika van Kaathoven met at the art academy in Arnhem. During their final year they shared a small workspace where they each worked on their own projects. The walls of this workplace gradually became plastered with loose clippings and words. Through the walls they started knowing each other and discovered a shared love for the play of words and collage. After their graduation Sander and Danika stayed connected through the words and collages and decided to compile them in a book.

Thanks to Stichting Lettergieten (Letter Casting Foundation), Sander and Danika were able to add a craft element to the collection. As a result, the words and images grew even closer together.