Preggy De ontmaskering van de zwangerschapsmythe (The unmasking of the pregnancy myth)


Martine van den Berg

Design: Wout de Vringer

Hardcover / Sewn bound


192 pages / 19 x 24 cm 

ISBN 978-90-830655-3-3 / NUR 851

Release date: September 2020


Despite the fact that she has experienced it before, the intensity, panic and pain during the delivery of her second son overwhelms her again. That is why Martine van den Berg decided to write about it. She is amazed at how few women talk about this drastic, heavy and - in fact- lonely event. She wonders why pregnancy and childbirth are surrounded by a hint of romance and why certain things are not discussed.

The unmasking of a pregnancy myth


‘Don't get me wrong. My two boys are my everything. My big loves. My heart. But giving birth is intense. And then my deliveries were “textbook examples,” the midwife told me. So it can be much worse.’

Martine started writing from her puerperium. She confided her experiences to paper. Not only did it work therapeutically, Martine also discovered that she really liked writing. That's why she decided to enrol in a writing course in Amsterdam where they taught her the intricacies of writing. Now - two years later - the book is finished. ‘Preggy' is born.