Wiesje Peels
Sjaak Langenberg, Alex de Vries

Dutch / Englisch
200 Pages
16.5 x 24 cm
ISBN 9789491525360
NUR 256
(sold out)

Wiesje Peels (The Netherlands, 1975) became acquainted with the circus in her early years, as a child. Her father ran the one-man circus ‘Theatrical Picollini’, in which she sometimes played a small part when the audience did not dare to join. The circus life always continued to attract her attention.



Years later she returned, but now as a photographer. She travelled with associates from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. The photographs from people in situations around the circus consist of metaphors for her personal relationship to her immediate environment.



On the one hand, these photographs have a careful preparation in terms of direction and decoration, on the other hand they are characterised by elements that she can’t control. She allows the unexpected. As a result, in her photographs, manifestations arise, both of persons and objects, which are unexplained. Often the characters in her work thereby have the nature of an appearance. They pretend. As a character they have a mythical guise. Her photographs consist archetypes that express themselves about the relationship between people, because of their individual fragility.



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