Sjaak Borsboom, Jeroen Simons Olivier van der Ree

272 pages
24 x 20,5 cm
ISBN 9789491525087
NUR: 246
(sold out)

Imagine you buy an old motorhome, you build in a fold-out outdoor kitchen, and leave on a culinary field trip through the Netherlands, France and Spain, looking for the origins of classic dishes and products…

Three young and enthusiastic cooks not only invent this plan – they really went on an adventure! Sjaak Borsboom, Jeroen Simons and Olivier van der Ree got away from restaurant walls and left with their Gastrovan on a culinary mission: to prepare traditional dishes in the region where that food is rooted.

Their compass is their passion for cooking and with each ‘domain’ they let themselves be guided and inspired by the local food, the wines and the local flavours. Each guide that helps them through this culinary landscape is treated with a feast.

The enthusiastic and open approach of the three, works contagious: doors open and the chefs discover the great power that lies in the love for good food.

Their experiences and the recipes are defined in this book. GASTROVAN is a heart warming and original book about exceptional hospitality, unifying force of passion, delicious cooking and – how else can it be – fantastic food.



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