Firestarters of Food Art & Music



Monica Abdoel

192 Pages
21 x 26,2 cm
ISBN 978-94-91525-68-1


Firestarters of Food, Art & Music is a swirling crossover between the three worlds of art, music and food and brings you a colourful collection of recipes and exclusive stories from food truck entrepreneurs, chefs, artists and musicians from all over the world.


In 2014, Monica Abdoel compiled the innovative book Reizende Sterren with stories of Dutch food truck entrepreneurs and their signature dishes. That turned out to be an instant hit. Not only was the book sold out in no time, it also proved to be a lasting source of inspiration for many. And now the successful author comes with a new book that promises to be another hit. Firestarters of Food, Art & Music contains the best street food recipes and sparkling and inspiring stories from food truck entrepreneurs, chefs, artists and musicians worldwide.

Creative minds rock this planet. Often they know to initiate something original, and let’s admit it, they have the guts to do it: creating a buzz! Monica Abdoel, who has a good feeling for innovative trends in the world of food, art & music, travelled the globe and did a lot of research for this book. The food journalist fell into conversation with original, creative people, went into their cross-border thinking and living and drew up their stories.

What to expect? The rocking kitchen garden of Cesar Zuiderwijk (Golden Earring) comes along, just like top chef Nick Bril from The Jane Antwerp, who shines as a DJ in his spare time. Henk Schiffmacher (tattooed the members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) who tasted almost every kind of food in the world. Amazing! And chef Gaggan Anand (No. 1 rated top chef in Asia) very much inspired by Kurt Cobain. Also cool to read: Marc Kulsdom of The Dutch Weed Burger who was inspired by the underwater photography art of Dos Winkel and came to the idea for his innovative sea weed burger.

In short: pioneers who have been at the beginning of something great and new, with a unique and innovative style in the land of food, art & music. People cooking up a storm! And according to the definition of Monica Abdoel: Firestarters par excellence!





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