Marike van der Velden
Romke Spierdijk
Design: Ronald Timmermans

Hardcover, gold cut
224 Pages
17 x 24 cm
ISBN 9789491525346
NUR 455/440


Limousines, dinners in expensive restaurants, visits to exclusive nightclubs and overnight stays in five star hotels: for a high-class escort girl it is the daily course of business.


Marike van der Velden is the owner of Society Service, the largest high class escort agency in the Netherlands. Together with journalist, Romke Spierdijk, she offers a revealing insight into the major league of seducing.

In the ESCORT Bible, Van der Velden explains how she laid the foundation for what would later become a multi-million company. She was only 21 and a student in business administration. She also explains the strict criteria that her ladies must meet. After all, the millionaire clients set high standards. The high class escort girls are frank about their motives, the high merits and the adventures they experience with their clients.

The Escort Bible is not only full of smooth anecdotes about working as a high class ESCORT. The content also convey journalistic interviews with the ladies and their clients, the prevailing etiquette for both parties and a large number of tips for both clients and potential high class escort girls. The stories in the book are illustrated with stylish but provocative photos.



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