Ertussenin (In between)


Moniek Wolters
Illustrations and design: Jing Foon Yu
Hardcover / Sewn bound
96 pages / 15,5 x 21,5 cm
ISBN 978-94-91525-82-7 / NUR 306


In her collection of poems 'Ertussenin,' Moniek Wolters shows that there is always a bright spot to be found in the dark. Somewhere there is peace in the chaos. There is something big in all that is small. Something seems to be happening even if you don't think it does. Something new can come into being out of nowhere. Or not just yet. Who knows what unexpected twists and turns the meantime may have in store for you.

This collection of poems is for everyone who is ‘ERTUSSENIN’. Between what was there and what is yet to come

With her poems, Moniek invites you for a walk through this in-between area.