Joyce de Vries

3 different covers
160 Pages
14,8 x 21 cm
ISBN 978-94-91525-60-5



There is still much difference between how we look at men and women in general. With her photos, photographer Joyce de Vries wants to question this inequality.


Joyce de Vries is a woman with a mission. With her work, the just graduate photographer wants to break through bias. It’s her wish that everyone must be able to live his or her life. Therefore, she made the series Encyclopaedia (M/f), which now in published as a book.

“Men and women have equal rights, but this does not mean that equality is taking for granted”


In Encyclopaedia (m/f) portraits and still life are combined with texts written by De Vries. Men and women have equal rights, but this does not mean that equality is taking for granted. With these portraits, the photographer gives bias a face.
De Vries: “At the moment the aspects of woman suffering from heart disease are investigated insufficiently, what often results in wrong diagnose and medical treatment. This is because research is mainly used in male subjects and laboratory animals. That is very detrimental. With her photos the photographer wants to question: “Do we find this normal?” “Does this fit in our image about ideal equality?”

“Photography gives me the opportunity to show my ideas about the world.”


“I hope everyone will find the message as important as I do. “This book is for everyone, but especially for people who think that men and women are already equal.”



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