Emo Verkerk – Tanquam


Emo Verkerk / Hans Janssen Design: Typography Interiority & Other Serious Matters   Paperback / Swiss bound English 224 pages / 22 x 28 cm ISBN 978-94-91525-98-8 / NUR 640


Emo Verkerk is a painter like no other. His disarming work shamelessly convinces the viewer. He enriches and deepens his paintings with colourful images that go hand in hand with conceptual thinking. In Emo Verkerk's constructed reality, every touch takes an unexpected turn, comparable to experimental jazz. In this way, he shows that contemporary painting still has plenty of untapped possibilities.

This special edition presents a beautiful overview of the disarming and colourful work of artist Emo Verkerk

Emo Verkerk is firmly rooted in the Dutch painting tradition. His work leans towards total anarchy; it regularly balances on the edge and sometimes even almost surpasses it. But in the end, his work always falls into place. Exactly how you want it.