Van een korte liefde met grote gevolgen – Elsbeth Doorenbos


Design: Wout de Vringer
Thread Sewn with colored yarn, Swiss binding
Dutch / English
16,5 X 23,5 cm / 208 pages
ISBN 978-94-91525-90-2 / NUR 402


Iedereen is een niet-ingewijdene van iedereen

A hundred years ago, my grandparents Anna van Breda Beausar and Edwin Doorenbos fell in love with each other. Anna is 18, Edwin is ten years older, married and father of two children. They decide to live together and confess their love with great passion, everyone speaks shame. For Edwin, love is not a destiny but an ideal. For Anna, love is as it shows itself, that and no different. Unfortunately, their love won't last. Edwin belongs there where he is not and finds it more important what is going on in his head. He becomes a troubadour and leaves with a guitar on his back. Anna stays behind with seven children and no money. The war broke out and her paralyzed, confounded confidence gets a way out. She has a pure sense recognizing danger and betrayal and takes care of Jewish children. But she'll never lose her composure ever again.

The bold, rebellious and disruptive life of my grandparents left its mark with my father, his brothers and sisters. It was a short love, but with great consequences.





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