Van een korte liefde met grote gevolgen (About a brief love with great consequences)


Elsbeth Doorenbos
Design: Wout de Vringer
Paperback / Swiss bound
Dutch / English
208 pages / 16.5 X 23.5 cm
ISBN 978-94-91525-90-2 / NUR 402


One day, artist Elsbeth Doorenbos received a chest full of diaries, letters and photographs from her father. He had tried to tie up the loose ends around his parents' love story, but he had not succeeded. In the past ten years Elsbeth has managed to unravel the story bit by bit.

Elsbeth's ‘Van een korte liefde met grote gevolgen’ is a beautiful story about the unconventional and rebellious life of two people, her grandparents


One hundred years ago Anna van Breda Beausar and Edwin Doorenbos fell in love. They move in together and confess their love with great passion. Everyone was up in arms about it. Anna is eighteen at that point. Edwin is ten years older, married and a father of two children. Unfortunately, their fierce love doesn't last. Edwin doesn't like the mundane and leaves. Anna is left with seven children, and without money.

The war breaks out and her crippled, embarrassed trust finds a way out. She decides to take care of Jewish children, with great care. But she never completely loses her composure. The bold, rebellious and disruptive life of Anna and Edwin has left its mark on Anna herself and on the children. It turned out to be a brief love with great consequences.