Pauline Kalkhove
Hardcover with gold foil
208 Pages
20 x 28 cm
ISBN 9789491525483
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Dit is een boek voor alle mensen die houden van lekker eten. Veel recepten zijn niet alleen glutenvrij, maar ook lactose-, koemelk, suiker- en e-nummersvrij.


De Gluut is the nickname of Pauline Kalkhove. With gluten intolerance and a family of six, where almost everyone is allergic to something, shopping and dining often yield comical but also intricate scenes. Because except for gluten, there are also people in our family allergic to lactose, refined sugar and yeast. That does not mean that we don’t like the exuberant lifestyle! No, we like it when everyone can join.

Most of us think that gluten-, lactose-, and sugar free cooking is challenging. To start with: leave out the ready-made supermarket stuff and stop using ordinary broth. Try all kinds of vegetables and different types op flour. You’ll experience that cooking is not difficult at all!


The book


This book is for all people who love good food. Many recipes are not only free of gluten, but also free of lactose, cow’s milk, sugar and additives. The recipes are very simple, but for some recipes you’ll need ingredients you may have never heard of. Just delicious! And even if you never eat gluten free, it’s good to give it a try. You’ll experience that gluten free food is not so heavy on the stomach and that, by using less sugar, you also suffer less from an after dinner dip and feel super energetic!

Wheat, sugar and lactose are often used in the food industry as cheap additives. Without knowing it, you eat a lot more of it than you realize. In short, there is no harm in eating a little less gluten, lactose and sugar.

But what do you eat instead of bread? What about pastas or eggs? And if I am not allowed to use butter, how do I bake cookies or cake? Actually, it’s very simple. We go back to basic. Back to cooking without prefabricated food and all kind of additives, without feeling like a ‘Greenie’. Everyone loves good food!



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