De Aytems van Inspiratie


Design: Wout de Vringer

224 Pages
24,5 x 30 cm
ISBN 978-94-91525-67-4
(sold out)

It’s time for Utrecht to embrace this culinary talent, so that everyone can get acquainted with the cuisine of this up and coming chef. Ayt Erdogan is ready to rock and roll!


“The most beautiful encounters are encounters that are culinary bold and ambitious.”


The AYTEMS of Inspiration is a five-sense-stimulating book about the Utrecht Chef, Ayt Erdogan (El Qatarijne at the Maria Plaats). His kitchen is described as an exciting crossover between East and West, with a star role for the Ottoman-Mesopotamian cuisine and delicate implementation of oriental ingredients. Chef Erdogan knows his (French) classics; still he deliberate chooses a contemporary approach in which a unique dynamism is given to flavour. In this book, the enthusiastic chef tells about his sources of inspiration, the quest for his culinary identity and his future plans. But the focus is on his creations: 40 stunning dishes with a significant signature of the chef.

The book would not be complete without the contribution of a view well-known people from the culinary world, including Jan de Wit (Le Restaurant), Alain Caron (Café Caron), Noël Vanwittenbergh (Ciel Bleu) and Jerry Overeem (Bronckhorst). The AYTEMS of inspiration also contains touching family portraits and all about Ayt Erdogans ‘hometown’ Utrecht, with beautiful impressions of his favourite city and stimulating contributions on the food culture – with as counterpart the other important city in his life: Istanbul.





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