Brita Bakema – Impressies van een levensreis (Impressions of a life journey)


Brita Bakema

Design: Brita Bakema

Hardcover / Sewn bound


200 pages / 30 x 24 cm 

ISBN: 978-94-91525-99-5 / NUR: 640


Brita Bakema grew up amidst architects and visual artists. She herself took painting lessons from Karel Appel in Paris and Oskar Kokoschka in Salzburg and developed a colourful abstract-figurative style, full of symbolism. Brita trained as a graphic designer at the London School of Printing & Graphic Arts.

The book has become a collection of impressions


In recent years Brita has started to combine her visual work with writing and this is reflected in her new book 'Brita Bakema - Impressies van een levensreis’. She empathically illuminates events from world history and from her own life.


The book has become a reflection on a life journey, where she painted and designed along the way. Her journey took her from Rotterdam, which was bombed in 1940, past London and Paris to Hamburg. In 1973 Brita returned to the Netherlands with her children. She subsequently combined painting and design with her work as a director of various art centres.


On the occasion of her book, an exhibition was organised in the Cobra Museum where her visual work, plus her stories and short poems were on display.

In 2018 we published 'Moessorgski op de stroom van de tijd' (Mussorgsky in the stream of time) by Brita Bakema.