Katinka van den Broek

Design: Bob van Dijk

American cover to hardcover / Sewn bound

96 pages / 13.8 x 21 cm

ISBN 978-90-830655-2-6 / NUR 306

Sold Out

At a young age Katinka van den Broek started writing short stories and poems. It was her big dream to have her work published one day. She always stuck to it, even in difficult times. Katinka has an eating disorder and PTSS. She often experiences dark, anxious and sad moments and struggles with her existence on a daily basis.

A beautiful collection of poems, where Katinka shows her vulnerability and admits us into her struggle with herself, life and the world

For Katinka, writing is her only outlet. In difficult times, she entrusts her feelings exclusively to paper. Writing as her only support, a reason to live. With her recognizable, sober style she knows how to touch people.

The search for who she is, for the meaning of this life and her struggle with the world around her; these are the themes of her first collection of poems: Blijf.

‘Blijf’ was published on 2 June 2020 following World Eating Disorders Action Day.