Where the Dreamers Go


Marcel van Luit

Design: Bob van Dijk

Hardcover / Swiss bound 


192 pages / 24 x 34 cm 

ISBN 978-94-91525-94-0 / NUR 653


With amazement and unlimited imagination photographer Marcel van Luit creates worlds of hope, trust and love.

The photobook ‘Where the Dreamers Go’ takes us to the dreamworld of internationally acclaimed photographer Marcel van Luit. He likes to look through the eyes of a child when making his work. With amazement and unlimited imagination, he creates worlds he would like to escape to when times get dark. His photos harbour messages about hope, trust and love. Marcel wants to show us that using your imagination makes anything possible.

In a time of personal challenges or fear for the things that happen around us, Marcel wants to touch people with the emotions and reassurance his work conveys. Many people are looking for meaning; we seek comfort when we mourn and need reassurance when we are insecure, we would like to be calmed down when we are anxious and find new hope when we feel lost. Art can play a major role in this. With this book Marcel wants to help others to go where the dreamers go when they need it most.


Marcel van Luit is a Dutch artist, born and raised in Groningen. He studied to become a teacher and worked as a residential counsellor before starting his career in the art world. His journey to become the artist he is today started in 2013, quite unexpectedly. At the time, Marcel worked in a mental health institution and he and his wife had just become parents to their first son, Otis. His life was completely turned upside down when he suddenly fell ill and was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré, a rare disease. For a long time he was completely paralyzed and after the first months in hospital he was transferred to a rehabilitation centre. It would take another year or so before he would finally come home. When his upper body slowly started working again and he had way too much time on his hands in the rehabilitation centre so he had to look for a hobby. At that time he was still in a wheelchair and it would be a win-win situation if he could find something to help him through the days and at the same time train the muscles in his hands and fingers.

He started taking photos. Each time his son came to visit he took as many pictures of him as he could; he missed him terribly. He began to edit Otis' photos and turned them into dream worlds. Since Marcel couldn't go out with his son, he digitally created the adventures he wanted to experience with him. He discovered a completely new passion and talent that he didn't know he carried in him. He developed his own signature by playing with different colour tones, and dark and light. These two go hand in hand according to Marcel. Out of the deep, dark hole he ended up in because of his illness, a lot of light eventually emerged.

Also available as Limited Edition

Where the Dreamers go – Limited Edition
Marcel van Luit
Design: Bob van Dijk

Hardcover with lenticular print / Swiss bound
192 pages / 24 x 34 cm
Edition: 50 copies

The Limited Edition of ‘Where the dreamers go’
– Includes two fine art museum quality prints (34 x 42 cm)
- Comes in a luxury box and leather bag

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