Venusian Kitchen


Henriëtte Tomassen & Elsbeth Tijssen
Design: Barbara Termorshuizen & Bart – Illustration
Hardcover / Sewn bound, Jacquard Photoweave cover
288 pages / 24 x 31 cm
ISBN 978-94-91525-73-5 / NUR 440
Release date: November 2020


‘Venusian Kitchen' is about the charm of cooking, your dance step as you reach for a wooden spoon, the rapture as the fragrances are released when you lift the lid from the pan, enjoying the presence of friends and family, the deliciousness of the food served and the first sip of the wine that has just been uncorked.

‘Venusian Kitchen' is a love story about food.

Author and stylist Henriëtte Tomassen and photographer Elsbeth Tijssen share a vision: they both believe in the connecting function of food. They have worked on the creation of this book for five years. They made it grow into what it is today: a beautiful culinary photo book.

In ‘Venusian Kitchen’ the gratitude and love for food is expressed through photography, paintings, illustrations, poetry and stories. Stories about encounters, family ties and friendships, close to home or a bit further away. And with the stories came recipes, passed on to share, feed and seduce.