Over karrende keukens en smaaknomaden
Monica Abdoel & The Food Line-up

Cover (chalkboard) with chalk
400 Pages
14,8 x 21 cm
ISBN 9789491525278
NUR: 440
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There are more than over 180 mobile kitchens in the Netherlands. These are passionate entrepreneurs who, together with their most artistic initiatives, give an innovative and dynamic image of street food in the Netherlands.




Street food is very much on the rise. In an innovative, tasteful and responsible approach, food experiences are brought to consumers locally or in markets and festivals. Direct contact with the chef, and food prepared and served from a mobile kitchen, based on a nice selection of creatively chosen ingredients and recipes = shared passion.

The book Reizende Sterren (Rising Stars or traveling stars) contains a comprehensive collection of these creative kitchens. Each participant/ Rising Star tells his or her own story, provides a recipe from his or her signature dish, and shares his or her favourite tune with a QR-code.

The book

Many of the Rising Stars cook with products from the season, and therefore often write their menu on a chalk board. The graphic design of the book is inspired on this object. The softcover is printed with eco – friendly chalkboard paint and a chalk is included, so that everyone who buys the book can write their own personal message.

The book contains;

Special stories from (Dutch) street food entrepreneurs
Full of great recipes
Unique cover
Food/Art & Music



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