Overlap – The no man’s land between art and science


Ann Bessemans, Marjan Doom, Frank Merkx and Nele Wynants
Design: Ann Bessemans  
Hardcover / Sewn bound
English 224 pages / 16.5 x 23.5 cm
ISBN 978-90-830655-0-2 / NUR 640
Sold Out

Artists and scientists share a curiosity to understand and explain the world. De Jonge Akademie (The Young Academy) went in search of connections, synergies and conflicts between the contemporary artistic and scientific fields. An intriguing book about the exploration of the no man's land between art and science with unique perspectives and dialogues without unequivocal results.

With this publication, De Jonge Akademie in Belgium presents a multitude of contemporary practices in the 'overlap' between art and science

‘The merit of OVERLAP is that it looks for connections, bridges, synergies and conflicts between current artistic and scientific practices, beyond the platitudes. This was possible because De Jonge Akademie offers a space for encounters and true interaction, making a richer future for art and science imaginable’.

Koen Vermeir, research professor CNRS Paris, co-chairman Global Young Academy

‘The homo universalis is no longer part of our complex times. In order to tackle today's problems, stimulate the imagination and make the unimaginable imaginable, we need to put our heads together. It is up to us, interdisciplinary meeting places such as BOZAR and De Jonge Akademie and bring people from different 'islands' closer together, so that the spark can fly’.

Paul Dujardin - CEO & Artistic Director Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels