OMG It’s me


Claudette van de Rakt
Essay’s & Poems: Sacha Bronwasser, Esther Porcelijn, Merel Bem, Janneke Stegeman, Romy van Dongen, Anne Pillen, Sonja Prins.
Text: Claudette van de Rakt, Anne Pillen, Anna Singer
Design: Anouk Stoffels
American cover to hardcover / Swiss bound
Dutch / English
256 pages / 16.5 x 22 cm
ISBN 978-94-91525-92-6 / NUR 653


Oh My God, is this me? That's the question asked by photographer Claudette van de Rakt in her book 'OMG it's me'. Or rather, it is not a question, but a statement full of disbelief: Oh My God, this is me!


Dare to do it differently


This brave collection of alternative selfies breaks with the conventions of the selfie-making human. The courage to do things differently, different from what is the norm on social media, is the leitmotif of this book. In addition to her own photographs and videos (visible via an app), Claudette asked female guest authors to write. Together, image and text make 'OMG it's me' into a strong and topical gesture; a call to view and show one's own face and body openly and freely.