Nederland in Quarantaine (The Netherlands in Quarantine) – Corona in Beeld


Annabel Jeuring

Design: Studio Susan Bijen 
Paperback / Swiss bound


80 pages / 17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-90-830655-1-9 / NUR 653


On Thursday 12 March 2020, the first national measures against the coronavirus were presented. Prime Minister Rutte's motto was: 'Stay home as much as possible'. The whole of the Netherlands went into an intelligent lockdown. Everyone who could stay at home stayed at home to slow down the spread of the virus. The Netherlands went into quarantine.

Annabel captured history in the making with her photo series

That particular day, Annabel Jeuring immediately knew that the coronavirus would cause difficult times for her personally as a photographer, and for all Dutch people around her. But she also saw an opportunity and decided to take to the streets with her camera, keeping the new measures in mind.

She made portraits that she could do properly, within the guidelines. Portraits of compatriots through glass, framed by their own window- or doorframe. The photo reportage 'Nederland in Quarantaine' shows moving portraits. Dutch people looking at you from behind their windows, ‘locked’ in their own houses. With her photographs Annabel makes our memories of this special time tangible and has captured history in the making.