Harry Arling 

Design: Bob van Dijk

Flatbook leporello

164 pages / 24 x 34 cm

ISBN 978-90-831429-3-7 / NUR 640

Release date: the end of June 2021


Visual artist Harry Arling transforms the discarded into something beautiful. Into objects that look like scenes from our dreams. Its colours lift the spirit and the small details are a feast for the eyes.

The basis for any new Kosmotronik is always an existing plastic object, such as a hair dryer or a helmet. These everyday devices and objects are considered waste by most people as soon as they are broken. But not by Harry, who sees beauty in them and recycles them from waste to art.

You may have seen Harry Arling's unusual and particularly striking art objects. These magical machines are called Kosmotroniks.

From a young age, Harry started building models, from which - over time - the idea for his Kosmotroniks emerged. Harry never uses a drawing or a preconceived plan. For him, building a Kosmotronik is an adventure from start to finish and therefore all of them are unique. Meanwhile, the magical machines are exhibited internationally and the Kosmotroniks attract many fans.

Special works of art ask for a special book. ‘Kosmotroniks' offers a beautiful overview of Harry's work. By choosing a flatbook leporello binding, the book becomes playful, just like the Kosmotroniks themselves.