Thrown into my lap

Rebecca de Bruyn

Design: Wout de Vringer

Dutch / Hardcover
96 pages / 13 x 19 cm
ISBN 978-94-91525-87-2
NUR 740


“To see my child becoming a mother appeared to be the ultimate form of letting go.”


“My child has a child. Amazed, moved, a bit tense, unemployed and sometimes powerless, I stand on the sidelines of a miracle for 9 months. This time not under my skin but before my eyes. My daughter’s decision spontaneously heralds a new phase of life. One thrown in my lap, but I rode in the sand with my (high) heels. With all my mother’s heart, I wish my daughter all the best becoming a mother – no blond dyed grey hair on my head that thinks otherwise. But I’m not ready to be grandma yet. And the more my friends will appeal to me – the fun – with ‘grandma’, the more my feelings about my daughter’s growing belly thrive on all sides. Or as my daughter points out, Mom, you also suffer from pregnancy hormones.”

In order to curb this storm surge of emotions, Rebecca de Bruyn decides to entrust her experience to the paper. From the announcement by her daughter that work will be done to turn her into a grandmother until she walks out of the release chamber as a new-baked grandmother. With all modern pregnancy highlights, from the gender reveal party and the 20-week echo to the nine-month scholarship.

The result is a delicious and highly fast written report, full of hilarious outbursts and fine flashbacks to her own pregnancies and childbirth. For every parent a feast of recognition. But the author also manages to move, for example, describing the struggle she had in the past with her adolescent daughter or expresses her doubts about the decision to be a stay-at-home mother. The birth of Rebecca’s grandchild is the beautiful apotheosis of the booklet.

Thrown into my lap is a humorous story about the struggle of an upcoming grandmother with her new place in the family tree. Mandatory costs for all upcoming (large) parents who don’t take themselves so seriously. With useful tips and a smile guaranteed!