Hilarius Hofstede – Paleo Psycho Pop

Chantal Maljers- van Erven Dorens
Ontwerp: Richard van der Horst

ISBN 9789081804202



The book shows significant work from various periods and expresses the vigorous energy of PALEO PSYCHO POP.

In a self created poetical language, Hofstede introduces the story of the Markies van Water, where, in a mesmerizing atmosphere of beat and poetry, the spectator takes part in the journey of the apocalyptic moment of flooding and destruction of the old, and at the same time the birth of a new idiom, the ouverture of what is to come: PALEO PSYCHO POP.

The characteristic graphic drawings of bisons, iconic in Hofstede’s work, bring together the first signs of human expression as in cave paintings with that of our era in a personal signature of cultural and historical awareness.

Hofstede’s record sleeve works communicate the artists’ concern regarding the reciprocal interchange of Culture and Nature through the connection between the most incorruptible style in music: Funk, and the human soul.