Familiar Faces


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Lida van der Vlist / Design: Wout de Vringer

94 double pages (188 pages) / 
17 x 24 cm / 

ISBN 978-90-831429-1-3 / NUR 646
Release date: the end of September 2021


From an early age, artist Lida van der Vlist has been fascinated by the hidden beauty that lies in old objects. Her collection started with objects she came across by chance, later on Lida also started scavenging. Selecting this material - collected for years and years - stimulated a need in her to give new life to these objects. She decided to literally give them a new face, which led to the creation of her 'Familiar Faces'.

The book ‘Familiar Faces’ is the home for a whole family of faces. They belong together. The physical works fly away and find another home, but in this retrospective they are brought together again as in a family album.

For her ‘Familiar Faces’ Lida makes use of objects that most people see as old and worn.

The 'Familiar Faces' are made exclusively from 'discarded' materials. Objects that most people see as old and worn, such as broken coffee grinders, children's games, old pieces of wood, brushes, buttons and hinges. Bringing the materials together for Lida is a process of searching, shifting and changing. All separate parts deserve to add something to the final result within the construction.


All The ‘Familiar Faces’ have been given a name. The names originated from remembering a person, from a feeling that the work evoked or from an event. This is how a Maerten and an Oopjen came into being at the time of their joint acquisition by the Rijksmuseum and the Louvre.

The book will be delivered in a specially designed cardboard box, a recycled material that fits the thinking behind the 'Familiar Faces'. One of Lida's beautiful works of art can be found on top of the box. You can leave the artwork attached to the box or take it off so it can be displayed as a standalone art object or can be hung on the wall.

Also available as Limited Edition


Familiar Faces – Limited Edition
Lida van der Vlist

Artwork included

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