Danny Ellinger

Binding without sheet seam
220 pages
31 x 23 cm
ISBN 9789491525063
(sold out)

‘The most prolonged photo-shoot from the history of photography’, as Ilya Leonard Pfeiffer stated in his foreword about the history of the book.


It takes a lot of guts to allow just a totally unknown photographer in your life, for two years long, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But Ellen ten Damme did it. Without shame, without restraint, a human being close to her own origin. Ellen in her primeval shape, primitive, a primeval woman. Danny Ellinger captured Ellen’s life in an infinite series of dazzling pictures, unified in the photo artwork ‘obsession’.

Being around for 730 days, with a ‘shameless voyeur at his worst’ describing photographer, was very demanding.
“I had no idea when I started this. In the beginning it was all cold and distant, very documentary, but he came closer and closer. I thought I was losing my mind, but at the end I thought: okay then, let’s go all the way” thus to Ellen.

“A photographer is like a psychiatrist who observes, watches, observes, looks again… Just as long until the subject is completely dismembered. Ellen in the first place experienced that as psychopathic and obsessive. Danny understands: “But we were on a mission, a mission that we shared.”

Ellen: “That is just the reason why this is our book”

This collaboration has resulted in a book, unique and never seen before. A book in which we follow the artist, the woman, the girl…everywhere. From the smallest daily activities at home, to the most exotic sceneries in faraway countries. From the bedroom to the dressing room, from the car to the high-wire.