Bridget Riley: The Curve Paintings 1961-2014


Bridget Riley

Hardcover / English
166 pages / 25 x 21,5 cm
ISBN 978-19-099322-8-9
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The work of Bridget Riley is considered optical art. Although her paintings are deeply rooted in painting traditions, she turns the relationship between the audience and the canvas. The result is an optical game, created by dynamic compositions, that changes when the visitor moves. The curved line is an important object in the works of Bridget Riley.


The Curve Paintings 1961-2014 gives an overview with more than fifty paintings and studies, and shows how this design has reverted over the past fifty years, from its black and white works from the years 60, to the recent colourful mural of Rajasthan (2012). Riley never stops searching for new possibilities to put colour and line in motion.