A Good Shop


Joost Hoving en Rianne van der Molen
Design: Wout de Vringer

Hardcover with suede binding / Sewn bound
168 pages / 24 x 17 cm 

ISBN 978-90-831035-4-9 / NUR 653

Portret van Adriette Huyben in haar winkel Goesting in Gilze. Voor de rubriek Goeie Zaak in het ADmagazine. Foto Joost Hoving
Poeliersbedrijf Wolbert en dochter in De Lutte voor de rubriek Goeie Zaak in het ADmagazine. Foto Joost Hoving

In recent years, photographer Joost Hoving and journalist Rianne van der Molen visited small Dutch entrepreneurs for a newspaper section 'Goeie Zaak' (Good Shop). Joost and Rianne shot and questioned the shopkeepers in their own business environment about their love for the trade, their business’ history, the choice of their own shop and how they see the future.

‘A Good Shop’ is an ode to the medium-sized shopkeepers who give colour to villages and cities

The portraits sketch a beautiful image of the small and medium-sized retailers in Holland, giving colour to villages and cities. Due to the growth of chains and the arrival of web shops, however, they are coming under increasing pressure. Joost and Rianne have now bundled eighty portraits of proud shopkeepers in one book, so that these special shops will never be forgotten.

The newspaper section ‘Goeie Zaak’ appears weekly in AD Magazine, Brabants Dagblad, Eindhovens Dagblad, BN/De Stem, Tubantia, De Gelderlander, PZC and De Stentor.