Jonnie Boer & Edwin Flores

Art director: Ronald Timmermans
Photography: Remko Kraaijeveld

196 Pages
24 x 28 cm
ISBN 978-94-91525-77-3




Jonnie Boer & Edwin Flores


We take you into the world of mushrooms. We present and introduce the taste of this exceptional delicacy, which, if provided with the necessary caution and care, is accessible to everyone. We learn in general, that mushrooms grow under the ground and that eradication of the mushroom does not come through picking them, but mainly comes from air and soil pollution and lowering of the groundwater level. From culinary view, these valuables from forest and field are still quite unknown and the saying: ‘unknown makes unloved’ is belied with this book.


It is a guideline to find and determine mushrooms the right way, and to prepare it to the most beautiful dishes. We know that it is not even so long ago that children and their teachers, armed with fruit boxes, took the autumn forest to find mushrooms. A little bit of moss at the bottom of the box, to fill it with the harvest from the autumn forest: chestnuts, acorns, beechnuts, coloured autumn leaf and richly equipped with mushrooms.


Back in the classroom to show off what everyone has collected, and the most beautiful catch was worth a prize. Mushroom picking with the whole class? Is that aloud? Troubled parents, and anxious education inspectors would surely try to prevent that. With this book we hope to overcome all fear and prejudice, in order to enjoy this culinary delicacy. What better thing to do than preparing a delicious meal, after a day of hunting mushrooms in good company?