De Oosterscheldekreeft
Ronald Timmermans / Remko Kraaijeveld

Hardcover made of burlap
198 pages / 28 x 32 cm
ISBN 9789081804264

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A cook book about lobster, with rugged poetry of Zeeland. Based on the thought: lobster is there for everyone, pure and honest.


The Oosterschelde lobster is unique and we are proud of it! Our Zeeland shellfish is praised all over the world for its firmer meat and its sweeter and fuller taste. (Oosterschelde) lobster fishery is an extraordinary affair; there are strict rules on catches and we can not fish for lobster all year round. This makes lobster a scarce and expensive product, a delicacy. Often surrounded by culinary delights, but not necessary at all. Lobster is just there for everyone.

And that is what this book is about. Pure and honest. Without pretentions. We lift the myth around the lobster and we unlock all riddles. We give a review on: how to recognize the lobster, the origin of her special taste, how to catch lobster, how to prepare and how to eat etc. etc. Accompanied with the most beautiful anecdotes. From fisherman to biologist, to master-cook.