Uitgeverij Komma is always looking for new authors and artists.
Have an idea for a special book? Let us know!

Making a book involves a lot of work. You need text, photography and a design. Then the book has to be edited, printed, bound and distributed. PR and marketing have to be arranged. Quite a challenge if you don't have the experience.

Steven Hond is the owner of Uitgeverij Komma and he - like no other - can help you publish your book. Whether it is a simple version with a powerful content or an extravagant limited edition, at Uitgeverij Komma you have come to the right place.

With 30 years of experience, Steven possesses all the necessary knowledge. In addition, he has a large and interesting network of copywriters, editors, photographers, designers, printers, etc. at his disposal and he always knows how to connect you to the right people.

It is not for nothing that publishing house Komma has the qualification 'No ordinary publisher'. Steven likes to think outside the box and the words 'that's impossible' don’t enter his vocabulary. As a result, his special editions are regularly awarded prizes.

Over the years, Steven has specialised mainly in cookery, photography and art books. But Uitgeverij Komma also publishes other kinds of books. In his choices, Steven is guided by personal passion. Together you will investigate whether there is a fit and if there is a possibility for collaboration.

After you have discussed the first ideas for the book with Steven, a follow-up interview will take place with Steven and Willemien Geenen. Willemien is assistant publisher and is in charge of communication at Uitgeverij Komma. The three of you will make a step-by-step plan and discuss the follow-up. After the meeting, you will receive an information package with various documents that will help you publish your book.

Would you rather keep production in-house? That is possible too. Steven can advise and guide you in the process based on your wishes. Curious how that works? Please feel free to contact us: stevenhond@uitgeverijkomma.nl or 06 - 462 665 18.

Publishing a book costs money, so an important part of publishing is coming up with a smart earnings model.

We increasingly use crowd funding (e.g. via  voordekunst.nl) to cover the costs of publishing the book. Not only is this a great way to collect money, it also creates an immediate support base for your book. You can start up the campaign yourself with the help of Uitgeverij Komma.

Some editions are also eligible for a fund or subsidy. In consultation with Steven, you determine which funds and/or subsidies may be of interest. You will submit the application together.

The more attention is drawn to the book, the greater its reach. Sounds logical, doesn't it? Bookshops used to play the biggest part in communication when a new book was published, but with the advent of social media - among other things - a major shift has taken place.
Komma is making grateful use of this visibility. The publisher regularly posts messages on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. In addition, we use newsletters and press releases to draw attention to your book. You too will play an important role in the communication regarding your book. Willemien will tell you all about the optimal use of the various channels and how you and Komma can reinforce one other in this area.

We are curious about your ideas! Does the above appeal to you? Send an email to stevenhond@uitgeverijkomma.nl or call Steven at 06 - 462 665 18 and tell us all about your plans for a book.