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Mozart didn't need a little hack to chart. Warhol didn't need to ask De Kooning about Art. Frank Lloyd Wright always ate à la carte. Wish I had been that smart.

Jonnie en Thérèse Boer

Opmaak 1

Puurst from Jonnie and Thérèsse Boer was one of the first culinary books I published with Komma Publishing commissioned by De Librije.

Working together with Jonnie and Thérèse has led to a result that we can be proud of. This was confirmed when the book was voted the best Chef Book of the World in 2013 by Gourmand in Paris. Puurst was just the starting signal for more future culinary books and sparked my love for cooking.


Marcel Wanders

I travel a lot between the Netherlands and France. These journeys give me time to think and often lead to the best ideas. During one of these trips I came to the idea to make a book about the paintings from the Hall of Fame of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.


A book with a subject as this deserved a special edition. I wanted to make an XXL book with a table where the book could be presented. I decided to contact Marcel Wanders for the design of this table.
When I told Marcel about my idea, he immediately became enthusiastic. He wanted to design a table, but only under the condition that he could also design the book.


This was the start of a long-standing collaboration between Marcel, his studio and the Komma Publishing. In the meantime, several productions by Rijks Masters of the Golden Age have emerged from this collaboration and I feel honored that Marcel wanted to connect his name to Komma Publishing.


Big Green Egg Book


After my first culinary releases, you could say cooking became a hobby that’s got a bit out of hand. And then it happened that Big Green Egg Europe asked me to make a book for them. A good collaboration requires equality. It’s about sharing the same values. So I thought that cooking on a Big Green Egg was required. It changed my life.
The Big Green Egg Book originated from my enthusiasm about the product and has led to an intensive collaboration, a beautiful book and various graphic productions.

Modus Operandi – Big Green Egg
ENJOY! Big Green Egg Magazine


Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam


The edition of Vincent van Gogh's Sketchbooks and more ... is perhaps one of the most special commissions I have received in my career as a publisher.

There are four preserved sketchbooks by Vincent van Gogh. However, these booklets are very fragile and are rarely shown to the public for that reason.

With a team of professionals, in collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum and Typography Interiority & Other Serious Matters, I have precisely imitated these sketchbooks (also called facsimile). Even the spots and cracks in the pages are similar to the original. This edition is offered in a limited edition.

The edition of Vincent van Gogh's Sketchbooks and more ... is perhaps one of the most special commissions I have received in my career as a publisher.


Wonderful Art Books

Award winning Theater producer Robin de Levita and Master Printer and publicer Steven Hond have announced a new company to create and curate Exclusive Limited Art Books. These books will be made available for purchase online at,

Various collaborations have been established with specialized publishers of Art and Photo books, around the world.

Steven Hond: To my surprise I discovered that there is no specialized websites for Limited Edtion books that exists. I realized that I was actually publishing these books without the right platform in place.

Robin de Levita: When I learned about the Van Gogh sketchbooks and witnessed how the museum and 25 different specialist created these replica’s with military precision, it blew my mind. This work is such a powerful tribute to the artist and I became totally inspired to collect these kind of art pieces.


The Van Gogh facsimile sketchbooks are on display at the Van Gogh museum and available at Together with the Rijks Masters of the Golden Age, a book designed by acclaimed artist and designer Marcel Wanders, these unique limited Editions formed the basis for the current site. The expansion of this collection has commenced and will be our permanent ambition.